What is elaVida?

elaVida™ is a superior olive polyphenol formulation with excellent handling characteristics and application performance in supplements, foods and beverages. elaVida™ comes with product concepts embedded in the DSM Health Benefit Solutions, and can help you differentiate your consumer products with antioxidant, heart health, joint health or energy benefits.

The Mediterranean diet is associated with a number of health benefits. Olives are an important food of the Mediterranean diet, and olive oil is the principal source of fat. Consumers are well aware about olive oil as a healthy food. Evidence is accumulating that olive polyphenols contribute to a major part of the health benefit of olives and olive oil. The past few years, also fuelled by EFSA’s positive opinion about the health benefit of olive oil polyphenols, saw increased market dynamics in new food product launches featuring olive polyphenols

Conditions of use:

For olive oil which contains at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (e.g. oleuropein complex and tyrosol) per 20 g olive oil. The consumer should be informed that the beneficial effect is reached for a daily intake of 20 g olive oil.